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Traveling RV Care Customer 6 Step Service Plan

The number one priority of the RV Care Network of dealers is to treat traveling customers as one of their own, getting you back on the road as quickly as possible to safely complete your trip.

If you have a problem with your RV while traveling....

  1. Contact the RV Care dealership where you purchased your RV so they can help you find the nearest RV Care location. They can also contact that dealer to let them know to expect you. If you can't reach your RV Care dealership, visit the RV Care website or use our App to find the closest RV Care dealer.
  2. When you arrive at the dealership, show your RV Care Customer Card which will identify you as an RV Care Customer. If you don't have your card, a staff person will contact the dealership where you purchased your RV to confirm you are an RV Care Customer.
  3. Before beginning any repairs, the dealership will prepare an estimate and contact your RV Care dealer to confirm if the repair is under any kind of warranty. The dealership will make every effort to schedule and complete your repair as quickly and efficiently as possible so you can safely complete your trip.
  4. The dealership will locate any specialty services that your vehicle may require if they're not able to complete everything needed to get you back on the road.
  5. If there is a cost for the repairs, the dealership will handle it as if you had purchased the RV from them.
  6. If necessary, the dealership will be able to help you find local accommodations and transportation.

If you are traveling in the USA, the Priority RV Network® dealerships will treat you as one of their own and follow a similar process to get our back on the road as quickly as possible to safely complete your trip.

Please note that when the RV Care and Priority RV Network service shops are busy they will only be able to complete repairs that are necessary for your to safely complete your trip. Non-essential repairs and service work may have to be scheduled for a later date.

This special RV Care service is for urgent serious technical problems while you are traveling in the RV you purchased from and RV Care dealer. It is not intended for non-essential repairs and it is not a replacement of the selling dealer's regular service and warranty obligations.

Close to Home

The RV Care service commitment for traveling RV Care customers does not apply when visiting an RV Care dealership close to your home if you purchased your RV from another RV Care dealer. In these situations you are encouraged to visit the local RV Care dealership to establish a relationship for ongoing service and maintenance of your RV. It is best to do this at a time when you have no pressing deadlines or travel schedules that involve your RV.