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Finance and Insurance

RV Care exclusively endorses the finance and insurance products offered by iA-SAL. iA-SAL is a leading marketer of creditor insurance, extended warranty, appearance protection and anti-theft coverage. Their wide selection of specialized insurance products means they can customize a protection plan that's right for you! To learn more about iA-SAL, check out their website or contact your regional iA-SAL office 1-855-SAL-MKTG (1-855-725-6584).

SALCreditor Group Insurance

Purchasing a RV or Travel Trailer can be very exciting. On the other hand, the financial investment can be sizeable with the accompanying payments representing a large portion of your monthly budget. Creditor Group Insurance protects you, your family and your credit from the risk of financial loss due to unexpected events such as loss of life, diagnosis of a critical illness, disability or loss of employment.

SALExtended Warranty

iA-SAL offers a comprehensive line of extended service contracts for light vehicles, RVs and travel trailers (including utility trailers) - new and used. When you purchase a SAL Protection Plan (SPP) extended warranty from a RV Care dealership and have an approved claim, the deductible will be reduced by $50 not only at the selling RV Care dealership, but also at any RV Care dealership across Canada. It's a win-win for everyone!

SALAppearance Protection

Don't let the money you invested in your recreational vehicle go to waste because of the weather or unmaintained roads. Keep it pristine as when you bought it with Appearance Protection Programs. You love your recreational vehicle, so let SAL Group take care of it!

SALTraceable Theft Deterrent

A traceable ID number is permanently etched into all body panels of the vehicle, deterring thefts before they touch the recreational vehicle or travel trailer. Etching works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with nothing to switch on or off.

SALGuaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

When the unexpected such as fire, theft or accident makes your recreational vehicle investment a total loss, many people find they are left not only without the asset, but also left with the responsibility of paying off any negative equity. Protection with GAP coverage covers you for this difference. Available in Ontario and the Atlantic provinces.

SALDiamond Kote Mouse Shield Undercoating

Diamond Kote's® New Mouse Shield Undercoating slams the door on mouse invasion. Safely and effectively. Much of the damage caused by mice to an RV is caused by mice chewing their way not only into your mobile home but also into your RV's wiring. Mouse Shield is a permanent non-greasy, non-sticky, abrasion resistant coating that contains a high concentration of natural mouse repellent.