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Solar Panels

Adding solar panels to an RV is a great idea. EcoSolPlanet RV solar kits make adding solar to your RV easier and more affordable than ever, with a variety of options available for all vehicle sizes and energy needs. Kits include the most efficient solar panel per square foot making them an ideal fit for recreational vehicles rooftops with limited space for installation.

Visit your RV Care dealer for more information.

Roof Mount Panels


Offers the best performance per square foot. Ability to reduce losses due to shade. Black frame with black cells for a nice look.

Portable Panels


Charge controller with built-in display. USB Port to charge your devices. Foldable / Quick connect / Cushioned carry bag.

Flexible Panels


Ability to reduce losses due to shade. No metal surfaces are exposed, preventing rust. With a 12-ft connection cable.

LED Lighting

RV LED LightingLED lights are an energy-efficient solution for RV lighting. EcoSolPlanet products range from interior LED dome lights, outside LED tail lights to LED strip light kits. RV LED replacement bulbs consume up to 1/10 of the energy of a regular bulb, plus they don’t produce any heat.

Powerful lighting. Energy savings of 90%. Constant current controller.

Visit your RV Care dealer for more information.