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What to expect from an RV Care Dealer

You can expect to be in safe, friendly hands when you travel. RV Care is a Canada-wide network of 70 top independent dealers. When you buy your RV from one of our dealers, if you have a problem while traveling just contact the nearest RV Care dealer and our 6 Step Service Plan will have you back on the road before you know it.

As an RV Care customer, you can look forward to the same high level of care and attention from all RV Care dealers when you travel. Whether you're a short distance from home, or half way across Canada, the closest RV Care dealer will treat you like one of their own, giving you the best possible service and attention.

RV Care dealers must meet a rigorous set of standards, which include operating a full-service maintenance and repair shop, maintaining a fully stocked parts and accessories department and employing certified service technicians. If you need service while traveling, the staff at the RV Care dealerships will work together to ensure that any warranty issues are handled smoothly and you're back on the road quickly to enjoy a safe trip.

And when it comes to buying products for our stores in large volumes, our network has power. That means more savings for our customers on parts & accessories, financing and insurance products. Be sure to watch for our National Sales Events - our registered customers are personally invited so you won’t miss the savings.

As thousands of RV Care customers across Canada already know, when you purchase your RV from a RV Care dealer you're a customer of not just one but an entire network of friendly, customer-focused RV dealerships across the country.

What not to expect from an RV Care dealer

RV Care is not a warranty service.

RV Care comes free with the purchase of your RV and it means that RV Care dealers will offer you a helping hand when you need it. Their standard rates apply to your repairs, and they will do everything they can to get you in quickly, and back on the road safely. If your repairs fall under a manufacturer's warranty, they will help you navigate the warranty process.

RV Care is not road-side assistance.

Many RV Care dealers offer optional roadside assistance coverage in both Canada and the US. The RV Care Roadside Assistance Program powered by Coach-Net can be purchased from any participating RV Care dealer. Click here for more information.