Full Warranty Policy

Sometimes things happen.

RV Traveler's Choice WarrantyThe warranty period of one (1) year begins from date of the original purchase, as indicated on store receipt and is non-transferable.

RV Traveler's Choice roof vent covers carry a five (5) year coverage period. All other terms and conditions apply.

RV Traveler's Choice batteries have separate conditions - please see below.

Claim Procedures:

Please contact any RV Care dealer to submit your claim. Visit www.rvcare.ca to find the closest dealership to your location.

  1. Return the item to the RV Care dealer store.
  2. The RV Care dealer will inspect the part (item) claimed to be defective.
  3. Verify and validate, by means of proof of purchase that the item was purchased from an approved RV Care dealer store.
  4. The RV Traveler's Choice part (item), which fails to operate properly, as per manufacturer's specifications, breaks or cracks under normal operating conditions will be repaired or replaced at no charge.
  5. All freight related and/or installation or removal charges (where required) shall be the responsibility of the original purchaser and are not considered a warranty condition.
  6. When a warranty claim is performed and the item is exchanged or repaired, the current warranty coverage remains in effect until expiration of the original 1-year term.

RV Traveler's Choice items and/or conditions not covered under product warranty:

  1. RV Traveler's Choice Leveling Blocks - The nylon storage bag included with the blocks.
  2. RV Traveler's Choice Leveling Blocks - Excessive weight as pre-determined by manufacturer. (12,000 lb / 5,443 kg on a smooth level surface)
  3. Cosmetic damages due to weather conditions.
  4. Improper installation damage or misuse of products.

The warranty coverages detailed above are the sole coverages included with the product, within the purchase price and supersede all other warranty terms and or coverages related. RV Care Network Ltd. is the sole proprietor of the RV Traveler's Choice brand of products and accessories and reserves the right to adjust claim procedures, not coverages, during the coverage period. Manufacturers and/or product distributors are equally used to administer and pay valid warranty claims. RV Care Network Ltd. may be contacted at 21485 90th Ave. Langley BC, V1M 1Z2 or forward inquiries to: info@rvcare.ca