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Care You Can Count On

January / February 2014

RV Care is featured in this month's issue of RV West online magazine. Click here to read the article (pdf).

Christie's RV contributes to Algoma Family Services Foundation

July 2012

As part of their celebration of 40 years serving the community of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, the team at Christie's RV contributed $ 4,000 to Algoma Family Services Foundation in support of local children, youth and families with mental health problems. Over the past 16 years, Christie's RV has been a dedicated community partner with AFS Foundation's 'Great Escape Dream Draw' and has been instrumental to the ongoing success of this major fundraising event.

"I cannot say enough about the management and staff of Christie's RV, they go above and beyond to ensure that our annual event is successful" states Cathy Macnamara, Foundation Manager. "This generous gift illustrates their strong commitment to a community that has supported them over the last 40 years." "It's through the support of our local community that businesses like ours are able to give back" comments Scott Christie, General Manager at Christie's RV. We are truly grateful for the ongoing support we have experienced over the years".

Algoma Family Services Foundation looks to the community for their support to help resource much needed early intervention and prevention programs for local children and youth who struggle with mental health issues like, anxiety disorders, depression, ADHD, anger, aggression and child based trauma. On behalf of the Board of Directors of Algoma Family Services Foundation and the local children, youth and families touched by this generous gift, congratulations on your 40th Anniversary of proudly serving our community!

Pik-A-Dilly RV Donates to Murray House

July 2012

As part of their 50th Anniversary celebration, Pik-A-Dilly RV in Brandon, Manitoba recently made a donation of $50,000 to the Murray House "A Sense of Home" Campaign. Murray House is similar to the Ronald McDonald houses that are connected to care facilities in larger centres. Brandon has just opened a state of the art Cancer Care Treatment Centre and Murray House will be built in conjunction to the Centre to accommodate those from outside the city who need radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

"This is a perfect fit for us, as 60% of our business is derived from outside our city and of course, these are the people that will make the most use of the home. This is a $3 million project which will be completed entirely with private money, and to which we are proud to be a major donor."

WiFi in Provincial Parks

August 2011

CBC News recently posted at story about the expansion of WiFi in provincial campgrounds across Canada. Check it out here.

Making it Easier for Ontario RVers to Enjoy Summer

June 27, 2011

Starting July 1st, Ontario drivers can tow RVs if they have a full class G licence. This will make it easier for Ontarians to travel this summer and save RV owners about $200 in initial licence costs. Until now, Ontario drivers have needed a class A licence to tow RVs that weigh more than 4,600 kg. With this change, Ontarians can tow and operate RVs with a full class G licence as long as:

  • The combined weight of the motor vehicle and RV is not more than the current 11,000 kg limit
  • The RV is attached to the motor vehicle by a fifth wheel hook-up
  • Only one vehicle is being towed
  • The RV meets Transport Canada manufacturing standards
  • The RV is being towed for personal use only
  • Driver has a full G licence, not a G1 or G2

For more info: Ontario Ministry of Transportation

Dometic issues warning about counterfeit air conditioners

June 09, 2011

Dometic is issuing a consumer warning that its Brisk Air RV air conditioner and heat pump models appear to have been counterfeited by a Chinese company and are now being sold into the RV industry under the brand name Advent.

Brad Sargent, vice president of marketing at Dometic, said the Advent air conditioner “seems to be purposely made to look like our Brisk Air models at a glance in order to trick people into thinking it’s the same product.”

Dometic is evaluating its legal options against the Chinese company and the Advent product. In the meantime, Dometic encourages consumers to use caution before purchasing these products.

BC Safety Authority: A Safe RV Season Starts With a Propane Primer

May 20, 2011

For many people, an RV is just like having an extension of your home in the great outdoors. But before you go on your adventure, the BC Safety Authority (BCSA) would like to remind you of some basic safety precautions for your propane system.

"If you use propane properly and do some basic safety checks prior to use, then you and your family should have a safe and worry free trip," says Eric Skehor, provincial gas safety manager for the BC Safety Authority.

Fortunately, trailer explosions due to propane leaks and carbon monoxide poisonings are rare, but they are still a risk worth thinking about before hitting the road in an RV.

"The propane system in an RV must be well-maintained and properly used, just like everything else in your vehicle," says Skehor.

Propane smells like rotten eggs. If you think you smell propane in your RV:

  • Get everyone out of the RV immediately.
  • Don't smoke, light matches, operate electrical switches, use either cell or telephones, or create any other source of ignition.
  • Turn your gas off at the main cylinder, if safe to do so and you know how.
  • Call the area fire department emergency number or 911 from the nearest phone.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is colourless, odourless and potentially deadly. Here are some safety reminders to prevent CO poisoning:

  • When using a propane stove or oven, open a vent or window and turn on the range hood fan to let out any possible carbon monoxide and never use stove burners or the RV oven for space heating.
  • Never use portable propane camping equipment inside your RV (e.g. camp stoves, barbecues, lanterns, catalytic or radiant heaters).
  • Have everyone leave the RV and get medical attention if an individual shows physical symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning like: headaches, nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, confusion, impaired judgment, lack of physical coordination.

For more information about handling propane properly and RV propane safety please visit:

Update from Haiti on Generators Donated by RV Care

Dear RV Care,
Work continues on building up the Manna Care Children's Center in Jacmel, Haiti with the ongoing conversion of shipping containers into a kitchen, workshop, bathrooms and living accommodation for the orphans who lost family in the 2010 earthquake and the more recent Cholera outbreaks. Teams of volunteers continue to go down from Fredericton, Canada eager to involve themselves in this work, giving of their time to the benefit of others in need. Whilst it is a year since the earthquake over 500,000 people continue to live in refugee camps in 'temporary' shacks & tents with little sign of hope. Tens of thousands of children still live with relatives in less than ideal situations and many continue to go without the food, shelter, education and medical care that they so need.

During the last couple of months we have diligently searched out organizations, foundations, ministries, not-for-profits etc who, by their work, impact the greatest number of lives giving them a generator, or in some cases a number of generators depending on the extent of their work in the local communities and the number of people they touch. Generators have found their way up mountains on the backs of mules to places where they have simply never had electricity to power new schools, water pumps or medical centers. Some have gone to Port-au-Prince where building is ongoing to resettle entire communities further up the hillside away from earthquake damaged areas. Others have been given to orphanages, which when there is an electricity failure (which is more often than not), the children would previously sit in the dark and refrigerators containing food and medicine would simply switch off. Others still have gone to organizations who take in the deaf and otherwise disabled, teach them a trade and put them to work rebuilding schools, community centers and homes. One workshop who received generators has built literally hundreds and hundreds of school desks, tables, dormitory bunk beds and roof trusses to be sent all around the region, again powered by your generators. At our own project (situated some distance from mains electrical supplies) we simply could not have managed without electricity provided by your equipment, cement mixers, drilling machines, compressors, cooking, refrigeration, water pumps, all useless without a remote electrical source. Throughout the region mains electricity is a luxury, unpredictable and unreliable and in many areas totally unavailable, yet through your unselfish giving, the RV Care Network have touched, changed and impacted the lives of many for the good.

We have a team out this week distributing clothing and medical equipment as well as the final generators. These will go to schools, aid agencies, children's care centers and a couple of the larger models to the Mayor of Jacmel's office for further deployment to areas of need. As promised, I am building up a collection of letters of receipt from each organization, photographs of the generators being distributed and the sincere and grateful thanks from the hearts of many whom you have impacted through your kind gifts. Please do not hesitate to come back to me if I can send you additional detail, photographs or information of your life-changing generosity.

For further information and photos of our own work, please see our Facebook site

With grateful and sincere thanks and assurance of our continued sincerity and heart to help the needy,
Manna Care Foundation Inc.
Fredericton, NB, Canada


God's Littlest Angels, 30 young people in an orphanage in Jacmel. They would previously time their day by sunup and sundown going to bed when it got dark. Their only generator had broken down ages back.


Calvary Chapel Haiti Initiative. Establishing workshops to teach the deaf a trade such as carpentry, bricklaying etc then utilizing their skills to rebuild schools, churches and homes in remote parts destroyed by the earthquake.


Hands & Feet Orphanage, home to over 100 young people of various ages. Run by volunteer doctors just outside of Jacmel, Haiti.


Pazapa, agency for the help to handicapped children. We have also supplied them with numerous items of medical apparatus ie wheel chairs, crutches etc.


Planete Urgence. A French organization who rebuilds homes, schools and medical centers in the remote parts of the South Western mountain district.


For a small town lucky enough to have intermittent mains supply (more off than on), a pole or tree is fitted with multiple meters and one dangerously connects up ones own home/shack with cables that snake alarmingly through the trees, across roofs and strapped to random poles and high points. Many areas still do not have electricity and much of the country has no electricity at all.

RV City makes it possible for Julia's wish to come true

RV City

The Make-A-Wish Foundation together with RV City in Morinville created an unusual scene on August 26th while they prepared to make a young girl's wish come true. Decorated with balloons, blow up animals and a giant sign with "Julia" written across it, a brand new Jayco trailer was parked out front of RV City ready for a camping excursion. Cars honked as they drove by and some stopped to find out exactly what was going on - what they found out brought tears to their eyes.

Out on a very windy evening, these people were granting a wish for a young girl with a brain tumor. Julia's one true wish was for a trailer so she could go camping with her family; wishing to trade in hospital treatments and appointments for a summer of fishing, swimming and roasting marshmallows over the campfire. Together with the support of Jayco, RV City was able to donate a brand new 2010 Jay Flight trailer to Make-A-Wish Northern Alberta

RV City employees stood by in excitement as Julia and her family drove up to the trailer. You couldn't get the smiles off anyone's face as they checked out the trailer and all the other goodies graciously donated by RV City including a set of dishes, camping chairs for the family, and all the supplies needed to make the trailer ready for a camping trip.

This experience not only affected Julia, but everyone who was able to witness it, and play a part in granting her wish.

Alberta resident wins Top 100 Spots to RV in Canada Centennial Contest

August 10, 2010

Today, Go RVing Canada announced the winner of its "Top 100 Spots to RV in Canada" Centennial Contest. Mr. Lloyd Blue from Camrose, Alberta won the contest through a draw that took place on August 6th, after entering his favourite spot to RV in Canada - Two O’Clock Campground in the Kootenay Plains ecological reserve.

Go RVing Canada, in partnership with the Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA) of Canada and the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC), launched the month-long contest on July 6th in commemoration of the RV Centennial. This contest, engaging RV enthusiasts across Canada, allowed Canadians to submit their favourite spot to RV in Canada for a chance to win an Apple iPad.

"We had over 570 entries during the contest," said Go RVing Canada Spokesperson Angèle Lapointe. "It was absolutely incredible to read all of the submissions and it really makes us realize how fortunate we are to live in such a great country."

The complete list of favourite Canadian RV destinations is available on Go RVing Canada’s website,, and consists of answers submitted by Canadians from coast to coast. Some of the top spots to RV in Canada include: Kluane Lake (Yukon), Pacific Rim National Park (British Columbia), Eagle Lake RV Resort (Strathmore, Alberta), Douglas Provincial Park (Saskatchewan), Spruce Woods Provincial Park (Manitoba), Algonquin Park (Ontario), Gaspésie (Québec), King Neptune Campground (Indian Harbour, Nova Scotia), Cavendish Sunset (Prince Edward Island), Fundy National Park (New Brunswick) and Gros Morne (Newfoudland and Labrador).

"This event is a true testament to the RV lifestyle," added Lapointe, "which clearly remains a popular vacation choice for those who are looking for an affordable vacation that offers freedom, flexibility, and fun."

2010 marks 100 years since the first mass-produced motorized camper was produced. Several events will be taking place throughout the year across North America and Go RVing Canada is thrilled to take part in the celebrations honouring this important occasion.

RV Care Helps Haiti Relief

March 9, 2010

When news came out about the devastating earthquake that hit the tiny nation of Haiti earlier this year everyone began thinking of how they could help. The people who make up the RV Care Network were no different. Ideas quickly grew into plans and the commitment was received from a number of RV Care dealers, along with partner supplier Coast Distribution, to provide a supply of portable generators that could be used to help the people of Haiti in the long rebuilding process.

Over the past month the plan came together for RV Care to provide more than 50 portable generators, worth over $ 80,000, to a missionary aid organization based out of Fredericton, New Brunswick. The generators are now on their way to Haiti, along with other important supplies collected by the aid group, to be used by people in Haiti who know what needs to be done to help the locals rebuild their homes and lives.

"Working together as a group, along with our partner, Coast Distribution, it was possible for us to significantly increase the number of generators we could contribute to the cause" said Earl Manning, Vice President of the RV Care Network.

RV Care is a network of independent RV dealers across Canada who work together to provide service and support for their customers when they travel. Helping the people of Haiti is something they wanted to do in addition to what each dealership has done independent of the group.

RV Vacations Less Expensive

Go RVing Canada recently released a major new independent Family Vacation Cost Comparison Study. The study found typical family RV vacations to be up to 75 percent less expensive per day than the other types of trips. Several forms of travel were compared, and in all cases, RV vacations were more economical than other types of travel, regardless of trip duration, distance or region of Canada where the vacation took place. You can find out more at the links below:

Comprehensive RV Dump Search is a free web site that lists over 13,000 dump stations across US, Canada & Mexico. Besides dump station listings, the site also provides helpful educational material and other information.