Eco-Friendly Electricity in RVs

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SFC Energy AG, the global market leader of portable power supply by fuel cell generators, and the RV Care network of dealers announce their partnership for eco-friendly electricity in recreation vehicles. Starting immediately, RV owners can purchase the EFOY fuel cell generators from all RV Care retailers throughout Canada as a quiet, light-weight and eco-friendly portable energy source for recreation vehicles. The convenient EFOY fuel cell cartridges required for operating the fuel cell can also be obtained through RV Care dealers.


EFOY fuel cell generators are fully automated battery chargers, which start up when the battery voltage is low, charge, and then go back into standby when the battery is fully charged. This portable energy source supplies enough electricity to operate the electric appliances off-grid in the recreation vehicle for several weeks. Unlike solar energy or conventional generators, the EFOY fuel cells are constantly available: they work in all weather conditions and are not limited to specified operating hours in national parks or campsites, as they are extremely quiet and environmentally friendly.

"We are pleased to be able to provide our customers with an ideal energy supply for their RVs, which is environmentally friendly and available 24 hours a day," says Earl Manning, Vice President of RV Care. "They are now able to self-sufficiently stay in the great outdoors for several weeks, without having to worry about a sufficient energy supply. This is an exciting enhancement for the Canadian RV market."


"We are very proud to introduce our EFOY fuel cell generator, a standard in European RV industry, in Canada," says Dr Peter Podesser, CEO of SFC Energy AG. "Enjoying the great nature of Canada with silent and emission-free electricity on board – this is how the EFOY fuel cell generator enhances the travel experience. We are particularly pleased about our collaboration with RV Care, an excellent partner with a nation-wide retail network, to cover the high demand in the Canadian market."

EFOY Fuel Cells

Undoubtedly, one of the most fundamental questions concerning RVing is the degree of autonomy of the electrical energy source. We know that all RVs, from the smallest to the largest, have an electricity reserve stored in one or more batteries. Yet every RVer still feels some anxiety at the thought of losing electrical current when camping in autonomous mode. Read more...

More About EFOY

Read more about how it works on the EFOY web site.

What one EFOY customer says...

I wanted to let you know that we are very pleased with the EFOY 2200. I cannot express how quiet it runs and how easy the set-up was.

We have tucked the unit inside a storage compartment in the front for the trailer. The fridge is louder than the EFOY when it's running (it's a brand new dual door fridge). The fuel is barely used in the 10 litre can of fuel.

Our system consists of a 2500 watt inverter, 4 x 85 watt solar, 4 x Trojan batteries (450 amp hrs), and the EFOY. What a relief now that I can have a hot beverage without hearing a generator running (it's a 2800 watt inverter generator, its quiet). The EFOY is that quiet.

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EFOY in Europe

Having already sold 20,000 fuel cells in Europe, SFC stands for eco-friendly and constantly available off-grid energy supply in leisure, industry and defense applications. SFC Energy AG is a member of the Canadian recreational vehicle association (CRVA) and EFOY fuel cell generators are certified according to CSA standards. Fifty leading European RV manufacturers have successfully provided the EFOY as an energy source for years. In Canada, the EFOY fuel cell generator is available in two models with a loading capacity of up to 2.2 kWh per day. The EFOY fuel cartridges, with ten litres (2.64 gallons) of fuel, are also offered by RV Care retailers.