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Snowmobile and ATV Batteries

How our batteries are made

Battery Warranty Information

The following batteries have a 2 year free replacement warranty from date of installation:

  • DP24
  • DP27
  • DC24
  • DC27
  • DC31DT

Gel & AGM batteries have a 1 year free replacement warranty from date of installation:

  • 8A24
  • 8A27
  • 8G24M
  • 8G27

PS2000 & PS2200 batteries have a one year total warranty/free replacement

Seasonal batteries for ATVs / Snowmobiles:

  • All ETX premium AGM PowerSports batteries have a 1 year free replacement from installation
  • All regular High Performance ATV/Snowmobile batteries have a 3 month free replacement warranty

For more information contact an RV Care dealer near you.

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Traded up from 24 ft - wonderful memories - RV Warehouse great to deal with knowledgeable and easy to talk to - learned a few new things.

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