Code of Ethics

  1. Act honestly, fairly and with the utmost good faith and integrity.
  2. Communicate all material facts, and ensure our products and services are fully and fairly represented.
  3. Only provide or offer those services that we are competent to perform by virtue of training and experience.
  4. Promote public confidence through knowledge and skill and treat all people with equality, dignity and respect.
  5. Abide by all applicable laws and regulations and never knowingly do business with those operating outside these laws.
  6. Promote and advertise our products and services in a clear and honest manner without misleading, confusing or deceiving the customer.
  7. Fulfill all contractual obligations promptly and completely, and resolve legitimate claims without delay.
  8. Engage in fair and open competition by positively promoting our products, services and business methods without attacking those of our competitors.
  9. Treat all personal and financial information we receive in the strictest of confidence and use only for the purpose for which it was originally received.
  10. Remain committed to a healthy co-existence with our environment.

Our Service Policy

When travelling in the RV you purchased from and RV Care dealer you can look forward to receiving the same high quality of service from every RV Care dealer as you would from the dealership where you purchased your RV. Read more. . .

Why Buy from an RV Care Dealer?

Receive top quality service when travelling, as if you bought the RV from the RV Care dealership you're visiting anywhere across the country.

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